Located in Coonawarra, at the heart of South Australia’s Limestone Coast, Coonawarra Wines is a modern, efficient winery, capable of crafting unique parcels of high quality wine. The winery is family owned is operated by a dedicated and experienced team. We have a reputation for exceptional quality and have supplied wine to some of Australia’s best known wineries.  Wines that we have produced for clients have won many awards both locally and internationally.

Set in a former limestone quarry, the sheer walls, show to perfection the signature white limestone topped by dramatic red terra rossa soil the region is famous for. 


The physical attributes of this setting are utilised, allowing gravity to ensure that fruit is handled as gently as possible.  The state of the art equipment allows great flexibility in the handling, including whole fruit pressing, full/partial destemming, designed to maximise the potential of any fruit. 


All wine is produced in temperature controlled tanks or aged in barrels, stored within the natural limestone walls.


A full featured onsite laboratory ensures that all wine produced is reliable and sound. 


The efficiency of the operation, allows us to provide exceptional quality and value.